There’s no place like…the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts

by Steven Karbank on September 15, 2011

Like the Bloch Building addition to the Nelson Atkins Art Museum a few years ago, the Kauffman Center will be an instant architectural and cultural icon.  As extraordinary a venue the Bloch building is for the visual arts, the Kauffman Center will be for the performing arts.  They are reflections of the depth, quality, vibrancy and joy of Kansas City’s arts and music scene.  

Kansas Citians have a penchant for pondering how our city stacks up against bigger communities elsewhere. With our Midwestern modesty, perhaps we under-appreciate just how lucky we are to have such marvelous civic assets like the Nelson Atkins, the Kauffman Center, and the Country Club Plaza, and benefactor families like the Kauffmans, Helzbergs, Blochs, Kempers and Halls.  

But when out-of-towners visit our city and marvel with surprise and raised eyebrows, Kansas Citians smile with satisfaction (and perhaps a bit of relief) and think to ourselves, indeed, “There’s no place like home…”.    

Enjoy this fascinating time-lapse video which shows the construction progress from summer 2008 to the present (via The Pitch and architecture firm, BNIM).  And once again, welcome, the Kauffman Center.

The Making of the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts from BNIM on Vimeo.


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